Random Three- Microsoft + AMD?, Microsoft’s New Groove, & Twitter Approves of Birthday’s

Microsoft and AMD Sitting in a Tree


Image Credit – ZDNet

Rumors are swirling that Microsoft is interested in purchasing the struggling chipmaker AMD. Currently AMD makes the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) used inside the Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Currently, both companies pay about $100.00 for each SoC on their respective consoles. Buying AMD would save Microsoft a ton of money. Let’s not forget HoloLens. AMD could be used to further Microsoft’s efforts in virtual reality by designing chipsets for the gear.

Slam dunk, no?

Maybe not. AMD has other business attached to it that are not doing so well. It’s Computing & Graphics division is losing money, and lets not forget Intel. Intel licenses its x86 chip technology to AMD. Toss in the the Department of Justice, and you got yourself a Spanish soap opera.

Microsoft’s New Groove


Image Credit – Engadget

Something has happened in Redmond, and it might be a part of Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella’s doing for big changes in the company. Microsoft has replaced its Xbox Music app with a service called ‘Groove Music.’ No one outside some inner circle at Microsoft knows what’s going on. This could be a rebranding effort, buying of the app, or a possible selling of/ spin off of the service. Time will tell.

Curiously, there is a service already called Groove that is available on iOS and Windows Phone (oddly enough) You can check out the companies page here for a detailed explanation of the service.

‘Twitter now allows users to add birthdays to their profiles’

#coolstorybro. This one pretty much explains its self. According to CNET, “The social networking service said Monday with the new feature, users are now able to share and celebrate their birth date along with other users — complete with colorful animated balloons on that special day.

Users can opt whether to share their B-day with the public, their followers, who they follow or “only me.” They can select the “edit profile” option on Twitter and include the birth month and day or the birth year separately.”

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