Microsoft Edge- Potentially Your Next Favorite Browser

Internet Explorer has had quite the life span. It brought down Netscape, and was one of the reasons for the almost split of Microsoft. Unfortunately, the dominance was the reason for its downfall. Microsoft feel complacent and forgot to update IE after Internet Explorer 6. After uproar following numerous security vulnerabilities, and fresh competition from Mozilla, Microsoft updated Internet Explorer, but it was too late; The damage was done in consumer’s mind.

Image Credit- Slate

When Microsoft announced Project Spartan (Edge’s codename), the reaction from the tech sphere was one of excitement and surprise. Internet Explorer will still be around in Windows 10, but only to appease businesses using legacy applications. Edge was introduced at Microsoft’s BUILD conference. The logo is the familiar E from Internet Explorer, but with a different color scheme.

Edge is completely redesigned, and uses no code from IE. This ensures that performance will be adequate for todays web. Microsoft recognized, “… some enterprises have legacy web sites that use older technologies designed only for Internet Explorer, such as custom ActiveX controls and Browser Helper Objects. For these users, Internet Explorer will also be available on Windows 10. Internet Explorer will use the same dual rendering engines as Spartan, ensuring web developers can consistently target the latest web standards.” The new EdgeHTML engine is rendering engine that replaces the Trident engine used by IE. 200,000 lines of code from Internet Explorer were removed for Edge, as well as 300 interfaces removed.

Edge is the first browser with a personal assistant, Cortana. She provides you with voice control, search, and personalized information. One note integration, and annotation is introduced into Edge. This feature will span through the desktop, and mobile Windows 10 devices. Mobile devices will allow you to draw with your fingers, or stylus. PC users can use their mouse. Nice.

Edge will be the default browser in Windows 10. Edge will be a formidable rival to Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, and will be one of the highlights of Windows 10 once it launches. It is exciting to see Microsoft bury the hatchet with Internet Explorer and come back full force with Edge. The ultimate winners here are consumers. You will be provided with a more secure, and faster internet experience.


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