Coming to an iPhone Near You- iOS 9 Part 1

In a world where you know use your phone more than your PC, its important that the OS powering that device is solid. iOS is becoming more mature at time goes on. Its initial release was revolutionary. It is hard after a few releases to recreate that type of magic so companies fine tune their products (evolve) them to keep themselves relevant, and help their customers be more productive.

iOS 9 is a release that adds many new features to existing apps, and introduces new ones. Everything from built-in apps to, to the core of iOS 9 has been updated.  Improvement for apps include:


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This is a brand new app that is embedded into your iOS device. This is a news aggregation app that you can customize to include the content that you are interested in reading. News pulls from leading publications, as well as indie ones. Unfortunately, you cannot delete this app because it is part of the OS.


The current notes app is REALLY basic. Apple has added a ton of useful features that will remind you of OneNote or Evernote. The most welcomed feature is iCloud synchronization that will keep all of your notes up to date through your iOS and Mac devices. This feature is awesome, because you no longer have to fumble between devices to find that note you need. You can also;

  • Turn lists into checklists
  • Sketch, and
  • Take notes on a picture.


For you few that use this app, there’s some handy new features coming. Like is OS X El Capitan, Maps in iOS 9 is getting public transit information. Another handy feature is that it will display near by restaurants, or attractions.


Wallet is evolving, and your wallet is slowly gaining more room. iOS 9 hastens this by adding support for:

  • Discover Card,
  • Retail charge cards (JCPenny, or Kohl’s),
  • Loyalty cards! (Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks, MyPanera, and Walgreens Balance Rewards)


I will have part 2 for you soon. We will explore enhancements to CarPay, and multitasking. Please let me know if you are enjoying the blog. It is fun writing it. Follow me on Twitter @delrealest for trending tech updates.


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