Office Mac 2016- A Long Time Coming

Since 2011 Mac users and lovers have been patiently waiting for a new version of Microsoft Office for Mac. We have seen releases for Windows, iOS, and Android come about while we raged with envy. Microsoft’s excuse for why they have waited so long to release a new version was because they had to pull that team away to work on mobile versions of Office. All this due to Microsoft’s ‘Cloud First, Mobile First’ strategy, and increased completion from Google.

microsoft-office-macImage Credit- Microsoft

There are alternatives to Office for Mac, but let’s be real; It is like stepping back in time to 1998. Even as outdated as Office for Mac 2011 is, it is years ahead of iWork, and Google Docs. Microsoft responded to out cried with a preview of Outlook that was released back in March. Aside from being really buggy, and offering no synchronizing capabilities with your online calendars (Google, and Outlook), the user interface was very polished and up to date. This has only improved though out the last few months, but still no calendar support! I do have to add that Exchange calendars are supported.

PMG_Image_Excel_860x503Image Credit- Microsoft

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have all been updated to look like their Windows counterparts. This is a very awesome thing, because no longer will someone switching machines have to deal with different ribbons, and locations of commands and features. With Office for Mac 2016, Mac users are no longer second class citizens to their Windows counterparts. We have Google and Apple to thank for turning up the heat with their own offerings. My only complaint is that the software is still really buggy.

PMG_Image_Word_860x503Image Credit- Microsoft

There is no target date for launch, but it is speculated that it will be in the second half of this year. I am sorry, I know that is VERY BROAD. An announcement was expected by the time Apples World Wide Developer Conference kicked off, but obviously nothing has surfaced. My prediction would be late summer/ early fall. I say thing only because of the bugs I’ve come across, although Microsoft has been quick to push out updates. We have waited long enough though. Microsoft please finish this!

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