Random three- 5G, Witchcraft, and a Free Game!

The end of the week, as well as the weekend seem to be slow news days for tech. Usually, this is when tech blogs, and articles highlight emerging technologies, or other random stuff. Well, I am here to bring you three that I found to be interesting this week. I will give you the short and sweet version.


roadrunner-5g-720x364 Image Credit – Tech in Asia

With each new standard that has rolled out, we have seen a significant change from one to the next. 3G was faster than EDGE, and 4G is WAY faster than 3G. One would assume that whatever the next standard happens to be, 5G, will offer a nice speed bump. Wrong! Its going to be MASIVE. An article by The Korea Times, The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has agreed on the definition of fifth-generation (5G) networks, a key technological requirement and its schedule to commercialize the technology by 2020.

That is 19 times faster than Google Fiber, and way faster that the fastest internet speed available in my city, Reno, NV, which is 60 MBPS through Charter Spectrum. Commercialization is currently being targeted for 2020, but a showcase will be made available at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games.

It is hard to imagine what those speeds will allow us to do. I can’t wait to find out.

Angry Witches

post-41091-Game-of-Thrones-melisandre-mem-LOcB Image Credit – The Key Play

According to the The Daily Dot, Etsy has banned the sell of spells. I know right?! I had no idea intangible items such as this were available for sale. Etsy is following the lead of Ebay who banned the sale of spells, and other witchcraft in 2012. The sellers are angry because they were given no warning, and are also claiming discrimination. I’d write a conclusion, but The Daily Dot summed it up perfectly, “Discrimination or not, if you’re looking to hex your ex-girlfriend, you’ll have to start looking elsewhere. Or alternatively, you could always band together with these witches and cast a spell on Etsy.’ Lol.

You Pick the Game!

940X520_V8_1TBImage Credit – Major Nelson

Microsoft has been making some great moves as of late. The latest, according to Major Nelson, is that Starting Sunday June 21 through Saturday, June 27, when you buy any Xbox One, you’ll get to choose any Xbox One game of your choice for free from participating U.S. retailers.  There are some conditions, kids. This offer is valid with all Xbox One 500GB consoles, in addition to our recently announced Xbox One 1TB console. First backwards compatibility, now this? Watch out, Sony; Microsoft is coming after you.

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