Go Go Gadget Apple Watch 2!

Another day another Apple product rumor. This one revolves around the Apple Watch. Can I at least enjoy the one I just bought after missing out on the preorder train and having to wait for it to finally launch at my local Apple Store before you tease me the Apple Watch 2’s supposed features?! The short answer is no. The long answer is HAHAHAHAHA, no. Anyhow, lets dive into what features we can ‘expect’ from the Apple Watch 2:apple_watch_chicago007

Photo Credit- Cult of Mac

  1. FaceTime camera: This feature, currently under consideration, would allow users to make and receive FaceTime calls via their Apple Watch 2. Currently, Apple is planning to allow you to answer and disconnect these calls from your Apple Watch when watchOS 2.0 rolls out. This is kind of annoying because of the back and fourth between the iPhone and Watch. This feature would we well received by yours truly, and you a well I would imagine.
  2. Added Independence from iPhone: The idea here is to allow greater freedom from the iPhone. Today your Watch doesn’t require an iPhone to track activity, make mobile payments, and playback music. Supposed additions include a Wi-Fi chip to allow for functionality such as messaging, emailing, and receiving updated weather data. This new Wi-Fi chip will also allow for a Find my Watch feature. Having been the victim of theft recently, this feature was paramount in recovering my stolen MacBook Pro.
  3. Batter Life: The battery life will remain about the same, as Apple wants to focus on hardware features.
  4. Additional Options in Design: Apple wants to be able to target those customers not willing to buy a Watch Edition model, but willing to spend more than the stainless steel model. These price points are about $1,000 to $10,000 respectively. What is not clear is if there will be a new lower edition model.

Don’t worry if you are frustrated that you just bought an Apple Watch without these cool features, because the Apple Watch 2 will likely launch next year. Until then, we have watchOS 2.0 to look forward to! My suggestion to you is to start saving your dollars now.

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