Ask No More

The purpose of this blog is to share my passion of technology; Most notably software, and hardware from Apple, Microsoft, Google, and other big players in the field. I will add a touch of my personality through the expression of my feelings towards whatever I happen to be writing about. My hope is that this can bring me down to Earth in your mind, and to let you know that I am a tech fan boy. I will post regularly, and welcome your suggestions on what topics I should be coving.

While scrolling through some of my favorite websites, I came across some much overdue good news coming out of Microsoft. They recently have been cleaning up their Windows Store to make room for quality apps. One such item that was cleaned up was older versions of the Ask Toolbar.

According to Microsoft Malware Protection Center website, “Older versions of software can restrict or limit your control over your search provider. It can prevent you from disabling or modifying your search provider.” Much to my shock, this is one of the most popular toolbars in web browser history, even though they command a miserable 2 percent of the online search engine market share in the US, according to The toolbar comes as an optional ‘feature’ when installing Java.

Why anyone would add on the Ask toolbar to their installation of Java is beyond me. I blame a lack of knowledge of the end-users. Most of us, myself included at times, rush these types of installations to that we can get back to being able to watch that video of a cat continuously flashing a toilet on YouTube. It would be interesting to see what their number one search is on Ask; I would assume it is ‘Google.’ With the impending release of Windows 10 on July 29th, Microsoft must make sure that all of apps in their store are not a filled with crapware. This is a step in the right direction.


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